Arc'teryx Website Review & Ratings + Arc'teryx Coupons
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Arc'teryx Website Review & Ratings + Arc'teryx Coupons

Arc'teryx: Products & Services is an outerwear manufacturer and is among the finest in terms of product quality and designing. The company derives its name from the first reptile to ever spread wings and fly and it believes in a similar philosophy as is clear by its large outdoor adventure sports and activities’ gear. The company provides gear and accessories for various activities like:

Arc'teryx plans and builds its products to meet the challenging needs of outdoor professionals and in so doing, their advantage is achieved by merging their matchless designs with the best superiority, highest performing materials and assembling them in the most innovative and most durable manner for their customer’s use.

Arc'teryx: Company Background

Arc'teryx is a Canadian based corporation with outlets in nine other countries, specializing in outdoor soft goods. The company has a large manufacturing unit in Vancouver and boasts of its unique designs and patterns. All their products are fully manufactured at a single unit and they have the distinct reputation of being one of the few outerwear companies located in North America. The company’s website provides a whole range of products being sold and manufactured by the company Arc'teryx Equipment Inc.

Every Arc'teryx product is engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding athlete. Activity-specific patterning ensures complete freedom of movement, and each product is critically scrutinized and detailed for the intended end use. No information as to their founder or founders are could be found on their website itself.

Arc'teryx: Customer Feedback & Reviews

The company’s products have a great reputation much like the company itself. The products are a bit costlier but they are not compromised on quality as is suggested from the testimonials of hundreds of the users. Arc'teryx specializes in its hard shell jackets and all these have been rated with five stars by all the users in terms of comfort as well as durability. The company’s products are light-weight but equally protective and wet proof as well depending upon the category chosen. Even the accessories like backpacks are also rated above four stars.

Arc'teryx: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

The company is present in the database of the Better Business Bureau but nothing more than a basic business listing is provided on its BBB page. The company hasn’t been accredited by the BBB and no rating related to the company could be found either. The company has closed two complaints against it in the last 3 years as per the BBB complaints page of the site. No associated media coverage could be found accrediting the company in any manner. There are no linked certifications or awards with the company name.

Arc'teryx: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The company operates a site whose domain is more than 17 years old and while this also adds to its search engine's reputation, the traffic characteristics of the website are average. The Alexa page of the site gives it a global traffic ranking of 52,256 and shows that the site is linked to 1864 other sites as well. The bounce rate towards the site is roughly 25 percent. The site’s Google page rank was found out to be 5 out of 10 whereas the site receives 141,994 monthly unique visits.

Arc'teryx: Social Media Presence

The company doesn’t list its social pages on the site but that doesn’t validate its absence for the social sphere. The site is present on nearly every social networking site, be it Facebook or twitter or Google plus. The site also manages a YouTube channel that shows 3,177 subscribers linked to it. The Facebook page of the site has more than 57,743 use likes and the twitter page of the site shows  23,103 followers associated with the site. The Google plus profile of the site shows more than 1,157 plus ones in the site’s name.

Arc'teryx: Website Security & Safety

The company doesn’t list any payment pages and doesn’t exactly gather highly sensitive information from the user so the lack of sufficient encryption on its website’s pages can’t be used against it. The site is safe as per the Google diagnostic report too as Google didn’t find the site to be suspicious either. Over the past 90 days, the site wasn’t found involved in any kind of illegal activity including spreading of infectious software or malwares. The site couldn’t be linked to hosting any malicious software in the past 90 days.

Arc'teryx: Pricing & Packages

The company offers several products for men as well as women and most of its products come under a normal pricing category but the company also manufactures some high end highly durable and authentic products and the costs of such products is higher than the competing company products. The primary products are jackets as they are among the most bought products from the company. The jackets being sold by the company come within a price range of $100 to $850.

Arc'teryx: Shipping Rates & Policies

This company does not provide shipping because of the type of operation it does. Shipping is not applicable as the company provides a service accessible through online mediums and no tangible items are being sold to customers. Shipping cost or fees are therefore exempted from all charges as is an outerwear manufacturer and is among the finest in terms of product quality and designing.

Arc'teryx: Payment Methods Accepted

The company doesn’t accept any payment methods at all. The products listed on the website are just for information purposes only and any payment or purchase to be made has to be done via either one of the brand’s store outlet or via a few online stores that the site lists as per availability. The website in itself doesn’t accept payments of any kind or in any manner. As of now the company hasn’t started selling its products online and that is the reason for the absence of the listing of any payment modes on the site or any payment pages even.

Arc'teryx: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company boasts about its products’ designs as well as durability and that is the reason they offer a lifetime warranty on all its products. The company even offers repairs for nominal prices against the used products that people might want to get refurbished. The company also entertains returns under its warranty policies and users upon obtaining a Return Authorization Number and shipping information can perform exchange of the defected products. The shipping charges while sending a product for repair or exchange are bearable by the user only.

Arc'teryx: Product images & screenshots
Arc'teryx Coupons
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